Jørg Asmussen

Senior Editor, Research and Development, Language Technology
Department for Digital Dictionaries and Text Corpora
Society for Danish Language and Literature, DSL


2016–06–08 – Statistically most prominent words for each month January-April 2016.

Month Top–3
Apr–2016 skattely, gymnasiereform, brotakst
Mar–2016 flaskepost, bidragsstigning, stening
Feb–2016 landbrugspakke, zika, dramachef
Jan–2016 nytårsnat, affektionsværdi, værdigenstand

2016–03–31 – Words of the Year and Words of the Month for the years 2011–2015 are now accessible in the TiDK–2016 Corpus of the public version of the corpus-tool CoREST 2016. The word lists were extracted from DSL’s corpus of Infomedia material.
2016–02–11 – Public version of corpus retrieval system CoREST 2016 released
2016–02–03 – 2016-release of lemma lists with corpus frequency for public download